Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Open Your Eyes to the Reality, Chick Fil-A. Marriage is a Right for Gay as Well as Straight

Today is August 1, 2012, and I recently learned it is also something called Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day. There isn’t a franchise anywhere near where I’m sitting, but even if there were, I wouldn’t. Since Chick Fil-A as an organization has gone so far as to endorse an exclusionary political stance, i.e., standing against gay marriage rights, I wish to exercise my free rights not to allow any of my money to support such a consciously ignorant and hateful affiliation. I mean, it isn’t like traditional man-woman marriage is a perfect institution or anything. And what about all those studies that have shown homosexuality is genetically predetermined (or a result of particular embryological conditions)? What about all those upstanding test case children of gay parents? I’d say the evidence for your stance against gay marriage is slowly being swept away by the verifiable evidence that gay marriage is not monstrous and it does not warp children or turn otherwise straight people into raving queens or dykes. (Forgive me for not posting links to studies here, but I plead “pain from broken finger” as an excuse to keep this short! Google them; they’re out there!)
My "orange" wig to show support for the gay community. Also notice the purple reflection. That's for empathy. You know, that "Do Unto Others" bit that's so important in interpersonal relationships!

Back to today. Over on Facebook, there is a concurrent observance called Open your Eyes, Minds and Hearts Day, in which everyone is asked to wear purple or orange to show support for the gay community in the face of Chick Fil-A’s  ineffectual attempts at cowardly bitch-slapping. Wear orange if you’re straight and purple if you’re gay, or wear both to show your empathy (or for all y’all pansexuals out there). In honor of this event, I colored my signature green wig orange, and in some pix I also added purple to the reflection in the mirror to show empathy. I may identify as a straight person, but I believe in appreciating beauty in all its forms and presentations. I’d gladly wear Spock’s IDIC and endeavor to personify it. 

Oh yeah, if you want to be really snarky, go to Chick Fil-A and just order water, and be sure to cite Proverbs 25:21 when you do! Voting with your wallets indeed! 

One last though before my finger is totally immobile: if you are married, think of all the perks and benefits you or your spouse enjoy in the legal and financial realms. Think of custody rights, insurance, survivor benefits, all sorts of stuff. Now imagine all those rights are denied to you and/or your spouse arbitrarily. Put yourself in the place of a gay couple and truly understand how they are being discriminated against.

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